Tattoo Removal

Tattoo Removal Newport Beach – Our laser delivers very high levels of light energy, using a highly uniform, large spot technique that makes your tattoo removal extremely fast and effective.

Pre-care & post care: There are a number of factors key to the success of your tattoo removal treatment at our Orange County clinic. You will be given a list of medications that you must cease or avoid taking before treatment. These medications will mostly be aspirin-containing products and supplements that may inhibit clot formation or cause problems with anesthesia. You will be asked to schedule a pre-operative visit appointment once you schedule a surgery date so that we can monitor your red and white blood cell counts (a CBC test).

Infection of the treatment areas is possible so please take care in only touching the area with clean hands or sterile fabrics.  Scarring is possible if severe burns are experienced. It is possible that one may develop hyperpigmentation (lack of melanin/color in the treatment area) or hyperpigmentation (too much melanin/color production). There could be allergic reactions to the anesthetic. Just make sure that you disclose your medical history and this is very important — your nationality.  If you are susceptible to Keloid scarring or have active skin infections or afflictions, you may not be a good candidate for tattoo removal via Dermabrasion.

There is also the risk of bullae (blisters), milia (or small whiteheads), infection, thicker scar tissue of the treatment area and hypopigmentation as well as hyperpigmentation, as said before.  You must also be very careful if you have taken Accutane within the past year and a half (12 to 18 months).  Accutane causes dermal thickening and can cause increased scarring.

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