Laser Treatments

New Port Beach Cosmetic Laser Treatments

Profractional (fractional laser resurfacing)

Improve the appearance of wrinkles, acne treatment, acne scars, skin tone and texture with variable depth and density fractional treatment. The resulting new collagen that forms, as part of the healing process, leads to visible improvement. Profractional lasers provide our patient’s significant results with little discount and downtime.

Skin Tyte

Skin Tyte uses safe infrared light energy and advanced skin-cooling technology to deliver heat below the skin’s surface for increased tightening and reduced laxity. The process is comfortable enough to not require anesthetics.

Laser Hair Removal/Permanent Hair Reduction

Our Newport Beach laser hair removal works on all skin types, from the fairest to the darkest, including tanned skin.

Vascular Treatment/Leg Vein Removal/Rosacea

Clearing telangiectasias, leg veins, rosacea, port wine stains, cherry angiomas and other vascular conditions.

Pigmented Lesion Treatment

Clearing solar lentigines, melasma, nevi and other benign pigmented lesions.


Photofacials for treatment of pigmented and vascular lesions, resulting in rejuvenated skin appearance.

Tattoo Removal

The laser in our Newport Beach cosmetic clinic delivers very high energies, using a highly uniform, large spot, making tattoo removal extremely fast and effective.

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